Monday, 31 March 2014

Velorution - SPIN London

Possibly a winner for the title of 'most gorgeous bikes out of our price range' at SPIN London was Velorution from just down the road at Great Portland Street.

Velorution were one of several exhibitors showing off a decent range of bicycles with drivebelts instead of chains.  Beltless bikes fascinate us here - in other aspects of our world we work with industrial companies who use drivebelts to power huge bits of industrial machinery, so why hasn't the cycling world been lit up by the revelation that you don't need to slather your drivechain in mucky lube in order to get where you're going?

On this stand we saw the belt principle applied to some truly beautiful bikes, including a very sexy Titanium Van Nicolas frame.

Special mention also goes to Velorution for stocking the 'so hard to get hold of their practically an urban myth' Levis commuter jeans.

The beauty of Velorution's stand speaks for itself, so here's a few crappy photos we took (we only wish we had taken a lot more!):

Matte black bikes?  PWOAR!

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