Monday, 31 March 2014

Tannus solid bike tyres - SPIN London

Solid bike tyres is something that developers have been trying to get right for as long as bicycles have existed, but it's just never really happened.  In recent years development of industrial polymers has leapt forward and we might now finally be at the point where solid tyres might be finally be a valid option.

The validity of solid tyres was backed up somewhat by the Tannus stand at SPIN London.  I had a ride around the hall on their test bike and the tyres felt just fine.  It's hard to give a full review without having lived with these tyres for at least a few months, but I can report that there was none of the slippery side-rolling that I feared these tyres would impose on the bike.

I'd like to believe in solid tyres, especially when it comes to my commuter bike, but at this stage choosing these tyres or not would likely come down to cost.  If they cost about the same as Marathon Plus tyres I'd probably give them a go, if they cost much less then fitting other puncture-proof then Tannus tyres would be a bit of a no-brainer.  If these tyres were cost-effective and fitted to the Kennedy City Bicycles two-speed then you might just find yourself with the best commuter bike every to grace your buttocks.

I don't actually know how much Tannus tyres because I can't find them for sale in the UK!

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UPDATE December 2014
I have now tested a pair of Tannus solid tyres, you can read the full review here -