Monday, 31 March 2014

SPIN London urban cycling show - REVIEW

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This weekend saw SPIN London take over a chunk of the Truman Brewery to bring us their Urban cycling and cycle-tech innovation event.  We hadn't previously been to one of these events, but the idea of attending appealed a lot more than forking out hard earned cash to go to one of the huge bike exhibitions that take place elsewhere.

We also hadn't been to the Truman Brewery before, and that's a shame because it's quite an inspiration place.  There's plenty of secure (and sort of guarded) cycle parking and plenty of places to pick up interesting food.  The atmosphere is cheery and the greeting friendly.  Apart form one fellow with few teeth who seemed offended that we weren't interested in his lunch.

The actual space that the SPIN exhibition occupied was spacious and well lit, which in our experience is unusual for an exhibition; organisers tend to have a horrible habit of cramming in as many exhibitors as they can in as smaller space as possible.  Here the organisers appeared to be going for a sort of vendors village feel.  SPIN was cheerfully free of any snobbery, elitism or bullshit.  In summary we really enjoyed the whole event, but that wouldn't amount to much of a review so...

Rather than writing one huge review we're going to make a post for each of the exhibitors and activities at SPIN London that caught our eye.

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