Monday, 31 March 2014

Singular CycloCross bike - SPIN London

One of the very first bikes that caught our eye at SPIN London is a bike that sadly isn't for sale yet.  We've been commuting on a SingleSpeed for some time now, but have always had half an eye on developments in the CycloCross market.

CycloCross is a sort of cross between mountain biking and competitive street racing.  We're starting to see CycloCross bikes with hub gears and disk brakes, which could well give competitive cyclists the advantage during a race, but would also give commuters incredible sharp brakes and gears that are never going to get crudded up by months of winter commuting.  I dare say the wider tyres would also save a bit of buttock-ache on longer commutes.

The issue some folk have with these hub-geared disc-braked CycloCross bikes is the price tag.  There are some beautiful bikes out there (like the Genesis Day One) but the price tag can perhaps feel a little high for those of us who want a bike on which to do battle on the daily commute.   There's also the issue of the Cycle To Work bike purchase scheme, whereby employees have a £1000 limit to get themselves kitted out.  If you're going to buy a bike that costs over £1000 then you're left with no money for gloves, a hat, clothing etc.  So the £650 price tag for the Singular CycloCross frame and forks could well make it a very interesting contender in this emerging market.

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