Monday, 31 March 2014

Great Balls of Fire Bros - SPIN London

This is a bit of an aside from all the bike chatter, but we wanted to give special mention to one of the caterers at SPIN London - The astonishing 'Great Balls of Fire Brothers'.  We arrived at SPIN having cycled across the city on a Boris bike, which was much more punishing that we expected it to be, so we arrived with a helluva appetite.

The meatball sarnie we each bought from the genial folk on this stand is the best we've ever had, and we've a LOT of food like this.  The sauce was peppy and not too rich, the meatballs tasted great and it was all presented in a wrap of paper so you didn't have to worry much about smearing your lunch down your tee-shirt.  If you see these guys at an event make a steady line between your location and theirs, and follow it post-haste.

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